Gujarat Govt launches probe after 7 patients lose vision post cataract surgery

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Patan, Feb 10 (IANS) The Gujarat Government has launched a probe after seven patients allegedly reported partial or complete loss of vision post a cataract surgery at the Sarvoday Eye Hospital in Radhanpur town on February 2, officials said on Saturday.

The hospital is now under scrutiny, with authorities initiating a thorough investigation into the matter; officials said.

According to Bharti Vakharia, a trustee of Sarvodaya Eye Hospital, seven of the 13 patients who underwent the procedure experienced severe complications due to infections.

Five of these patients were transferred to the M and J Institute of Ophthalmology at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital to receive further medical attention.

Two were moved to a hospital in Visnagar, Mehsana district.

The affected patients at the Ahmedabad Eye Hospital are currently undergoing treatment, with Dr. Umang Mishra, Resident Medical Officer, reporting that they have developed blurry vision and can only detect hand movements.

Additional symptoms include watery eyes and red spots, indicative of the severe complications arising from the surgeries in Patan.

In response to the alarming situation, the Health and Family Welfare Department has established a committee to conduct an in-depth enquiry, state Health Minister Rushikesh Patel said.

Patel emphasised the government’s commitment to taking stringent action against anyone responsible for negligence.

This event marks the second occurrence of its kind in Gujarat within a month, raising concerns over patient safety and surgical standards in the state.

Previously, on January 10, another group of 17 elderly individuals suffered vision loss after cataract surgeries at a trust-operated hospital in Mandal Village in Ahmedabad district, also due to infection.

Hospital trustee Vakharia defended the facility, noting that a culture report from their operation theatre cleared the hospital’s procedures.

The government has dispatched a team of doctors to Sarvoday Eye Hospital to collect samples and further investigate the cause of the infections.



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