Gujarat govt lie on gas pricing exposed : #aamaadmiparty


The Gujarat Government and BJP rebuttal to Aam Aadmi Party’s disclosures of the Gujarat Government’s dismal track record is as non-serious and non-specific as Mr. Modi’s claims of development.

1. ON GAS PRICING ISSUE: The press release makes a vague claim “The Standing Committee of Finance of Parliament headed by the BJP leader Sh. Yashwant Sinha has seriously questioned the Gas pricing policy and sought review of the same”. This says nothing about the BJP’s position. The Standing committee is that of the parliament, not of the BJP. It also says nothing of the BJP’s Prime Ministerial nominee’s position on gas pricing. Neither does the BJP’s press release explain what “serious questioning of gas policy” really entails.

Flying in the face of the falsehood of BJP’s press release find attached here with is the letter ( we are releasing today) from the Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation where Mr. Modi’s Govt clearly recommends a gas price formula which if you insert the current market price of Brent crude crosses $14 which is even higher than what the UPA very generously recommends to favour Reliance. The logic of this formula is the same as the market value logic of the UPA – only higher. With such compelling evidence, how the BJP expects anyone to believe their startlingly misleading press release is worrying.

2. ON FARMER SUICIDES AND AGRICULTURE GROWTH. The BJP rebuttal claiming the state of Gujarat has made “excellent arrangement for infrastructure and inputs” that have “been able to avoid farmer sucides” is shockingly tragic and removed from the data available. Below is the data from the National Crime Records Bureau of farmer suicides with links to the official page of the web site. This is the only authentic data for farmer suicides for the country. On what data the BJP based it’s press release or the Modi Govt it’s claims we are keen to see.

3. ON MODI’S POSITION ON FDI: The BJP is posturing against FDI for now, but Narendra Modi is for FDI as was clear in Delhi at a traders meeting when asked on the issue of FDI in retail, Mr. Modi shot back with the question that why are the traders scared of international competition? This clearly establishes his position.

4. ON AAP BEING SOFT ON CONGRESS. The BJP’s assertion of the AAP not taking up issues of Congress corruption and Sonia Gandhi’s family’s corruption is totally removed from reality. The BJP is attempting convenient amnesia. Arvind Kejriwal’s press conference focusing the nations attention on Robert Vadra’s corrupt land deals was the first time Congress’ first family’s corruption was taken up aggressively. The papers and evidence of Mr. Robert Vadra’s sweet and corrupt deals were with Arun Jailty for almost a year before Arvind Kejriwal’s press conference on the same. Why did the BJP’s Mr. Jaitly not go public with the corruption of the Gandhi family? Is it because of the tactical understanding between BJP and Congress? In such circumstances accusing the AAP being soft on the Congress is nothing short of ridiculous.

Blatant lies and falsehoods without stating anything based on specific facts can hardly be treated as a serious rebuttal and we hope all who release such frivolous press releases double check the claims before running them.

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