Hans Raj Hans condemns AAP’s allegations, says, “will file defamation if not apologized”

Talib Khan / Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi, (3/5/2019): The Aam Aadmi Party on Thursday alleged that BJP’s North West Delhi candidate Hans Raj Hans had converted to Islam and can’t fight from a reserved seat and they will move court to disqualify Hans. The BJP today denied the allegation and demanded an apology from AAP.

Responding to the allegations, new joining in the BJP Hans Raj Hans said, “From the time i was born to till now, I am a ‘Valmiki’ and i have an SC certificate. People who are jealous of my popularity and since i sings Sufi, they are spreading lies. Those who have made the accusation should apologise”.

“Did Kejriwal does not believe ID proofs, (referring to his passport) i have travelled in so many countries with the ID of a Hindu. What else proof is needed. He is just spreading lies because he knows that his party coming third in these elections”.

Referring to the video which is being circulated on the internet in which Hans Raj Hans is seen saying some verse in Urdu, he said, “I am a Sufi singer, i sing in many languages including Urdu, i use Urdu in my regular talks, it does not mean that i am Muslim. In the video may be i am singing a Urdu song, that doesn’t mean i have accepted Islam. And even if i changed my religion what is the need of hiding it, every one has a right to accept whatever religion he or she wants. I am not a liar like Kejriwal”, he added.

He further said, that “we will give him one more chance for an apology unless we will file a defamation case against him”.

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