Helpless farmers from Haryana stage massive protest in Delhi : 3200 acres of land acquired by Land Mafia in Karnal District

Vishal Malhotra / Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi (19/08/2019) : Today, hundreds of farmers from Karnal district of Haryana gathered at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi and continued their protest against the land-magia which took 3200 acre of their land forcefully.

Speaking to Ten News, Pradeep Kalram said, “We are all from 5 different villages of Karnal district. This has shaken our lifestyles and our families’ moral support for a long time now. Karnal is a widely spread district and the Chief Minister of Haryana fielded from this place. This is all happening under the nose of CM and he is not even bothered!”

“After the BJP Government came in power back in 2014, they promised many good doings to be done under their governance out of wich 60% promises were for the farmers of nation. We haven’t recieved any beneficial thing that could help us keep processing. There has been an increment in the number of suicides of farmers across the nation from past many years”, he added.

These farmers were all protesting actively and energetically from 11AM to 4 PM. Their demand was that there should be a full stop to the increasing crime activities of land-mafia and their acquired land should be returned without any violence.

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