If I had the powers of NDA’s Finance Minister, I would have resigned says, P Chidambaram

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New Delhi: Rafael Aircraft Deal Controversy can not be seen coming to end in near future.

On January 18, Former Finance Minister and veteran Congress leader, P Chidambaram addresses a press conference on Rafale Aircraft Deal Controversy.

Slamming the BJP led NDA government, Chidambaram said, “If the government had hoped that it had succeeded in giving a quite burial to the Rafale Aircraft Deal controversy, it was wrong. We had said so immediately after the judgement of the Supreme Court. The controversy is very much alive and, this morning, it acquired a new dimension.”

“Ever since 10 April 2015, when Prime Minster announced in Paris that the earlier UPA-negotiated deal for 126 aircraft was scrapped and he agreed on a new deal to buy 36 aircraft, one question has loomed large”, the former minister added.

Questioning the government, Chidambaram asked,”Why did the government reject the Air Force’s need and demand for 126 fighter aircraft and decided to buy only 36 aircraft?”.

” That question has never been answered by the Prime Minister or the Defence Minster or the Law Minister. Be it noted that the Supreme Court expressly declined to go into that question”, he further added.

Replying to question by a prominent journalist; what you should do if you are current Finance Minister; he replied, “If I was a Finance Minster in NDA, I have resigned.”

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