If you have capacity, accept caste census report: Kumaraswamy to Siddaramaiah

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Bengaluru, Jan 30 (IANS) Former Chief Minister and JD (S) state president H.D. Kumaraswamy challenged Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday that if he had the capacity he should accept the caste report prepared by H. Kantharaj, the former chairman of the State Backward Classes Commission.

The statement has assumed importance as CM Siddaramaiah had declared that he would accept the controversial report.

Addressing a press conference, Kumaraswamy stated, accept the Kantharaj report if it is flawless. The ruling party members have claimed that the report is unscientific. “Why is CM Siddaramaiah not accepting the report even as it is almost a year since he came to power?” Kumaraswamy taunted.

He questioned whether the report not signed by the Member Secretary could be accepted? “My party would extend support if it is helpful economically, socially and academically for poor families. If it is implemented with honesty, we will also extend unconditional support,” he maintained.

He accepted that he had stated he would place information before the public regarding the collection of funds for the Ram Mandir construction. “If the BJP indulges in activities which are against the law, I won’t support them,” said.

Kumaraswamy stated that it is the money of the people that is being spent on ‘guarantee schemes’ in the state. It is not the money of the Congress party which is utilized.

Slamming the Congress government over the Hanuman flag row, he questioned is it wrong to flaunt a saffron shawl? “When I had gone to attend a Dalit’s programme, I had sported a blue shawl. The Congress leaders have a cheap mindset about saffron. Which is the colour in the Tricolour? Will it be tiranga if the saffron colour is taken out?” Kumaraswamy questioned.

The Congress has fabricated the letter submitted to the authorities to hoist the flag in Keragodu in Mandya district. “If I have done anything wrong, send me to the gallows. But, in case you are guilty, what should be done?” Kumaraswamy asked the Congress leaders.

The Congress leaders had launched a series of attacks on Kumaraswamy alleging that through the Hanuman flag row he is trying to disturb the peace and harmony of the south Karnataka region.



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