In a bid to make law students market ready, Galgotias University launches course on ‘Professional Advocacy Skills’

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Greater Noida, 3rd September, 2022: In an attempt to make final year law students market ready, Galgotias University on Saturday launched a course on ‘Professional Advocacy Skills’.

The launch event was graced by dignitaries including Dr. Justice K J Thaker, Judge, Allahabad HC as Chief Guest; Rajeev K. Virmani, Senior Advocate as Guest of Honour; Justice J. R Midha, Former Judge of Delhi HC and Prof. Emeritus at Galgotias University as Keynote Speaker, Suneel Galgotia, Chancellor of Galgotias University; Dr. Preeti Bajaj, Vice Chancellor of Galgotias University and Aradhana Galgotia, Director – Operations at Galgotias University.


In his address, Dr K..J Thaker inspired and entertained the students with his sense of humor and presence of mind. Talking about the course, he said, “These training modules are intended to overcome all of the drawbacks in your education system and for that you have the best of your teachers.”

Dr. Thaker also shared his own life experiences with the students, helping them grasp the value of these skills in their careers and motivating them for a great future.


Justice J R Midha in his address remarked, “The most important skill of a lawyer is communication skills which includes the art of listening and speaking with emotion, but communication skills are not taught in law school. Since, Rational Thinking, Psychology, and Integration of Law are all absent, and the fundamentals of mock trial are unclear, therefore this course is a significant step forward in our country’s legal education.”

“Rational Thinking is the second most important skill. The lawyer consults with the client as well as the judge. You should speak in a way that the other person gets convinced, This is a lawyer’s art, and I believe it should be taught to students in colleges” the former judge said.


He further added, “Ultimately, in the legal field, we must state the truth. A lawyer’s mind should be inquisitive. I believe that everyone possesses the ability to seek the truth, and that we must strengthen this ability and transform it into a questioning mind”.

Talking of the difference between a competent and a bad lawyer, R.K Virmani in his address said, “The difference between a competent lawyer and a bad lawyer is that the bad lawyer does not know how to effectively and efficiently deliver his or her case. So it’s essential that we have these skills in ourselves. This curriculum will contain case analysis for law students in their final year.”



Showering confidence on students, he said, “I would expect everyone to perform after the introduction of legal and factual analysis because I believe that ‘You always learn when you Perform,’ when you sit on the wheels of the car and put the car in first gear you learn how to drive a car and I want each of you to sit in the driver’s seat and perform. I am confident that each of you will be a better lawyer after pursuing skills from this course”.

Earlier, Dr. Preeti Bajaj, in her address, said, “With the expertise of Legal Knowledge, the students can also actively contribute to society while reducing the burden from trials and civil disputes.

Further, she congratulated the School of Law and expressed her gratitude to Justice Midha for taking this initiative.

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