Incumbent head Kushal Pal Singh lists priorities for Noida Authority Union elections

Talib Khan / Abhishek Sharma

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Noida, (30/11/2018) : Today Noida Authority Union President Chaudhary Kushal Pal Singh organized a press conference in the context of coming elections of the authority which will happen on 3 December 2018.

In the press conference he told the media about the ongoing protests by the union employees and the problems he is facing because of the protest.

He said that “the union employees must have waited for the action and trusted him for the allotment of the plots.”

In his manifesto for the election he emphasized many key points.

Chaudhary Kushal Pal also promised that if he wins this time he will allot plots to the employees likewise of Greater Noida employees. The flats in sectors 99, 100, 71W, 82 which are not sold, will be converted into staff quarters.

He also said that Health centres will be made quickly for the employees and Problems of late salaries will be solved. He informed that Plastic I cards will be given to the employees.

He also promised to bring seventh pay commission in action, which was rolled back earlier this year.
In other promises he said, “Those employees who have a one room quarter will be provided with a two rooms quarter and those who are not having any room or quarter in their name will also be provided with a two rooms quarter.”

Apart from these promises he also condemned the General Secretary of the Noida Authority Ashok Sharma that despite of calling him many times for the protest he did not show up and also changed his party.
“He calls Ashok Sharma, Amar Singh and call himself, Mulayam Singh who stays with the party whether it comes into power or not,” said Singh in a political jibe.

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