India is a nation state with many nations within it: Vinay Lal

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Mumbai, 25 February 2023: There is a realization that it is only as a nation-state that you can earn any kind of capital in the world said Vinay Lal, a Historian and Professor, UCLA. Speaking at ABP Network’s second edition of the ‘Ideas of India’ summit, he said, “It is the project of the government to trace India’s history from 5,000-12,000 years and then suggest that this civilization has been essentially a Vedic civilization right from that period of time.”

Speaking about India being a nation-state, he said, “India is a Nation-state within which there are many nations, this distinction is somewhere elementary but an important distinction to make.”

The Founder of Drishti IAS, Vikas Divyakirti, also speaking at ABP Network’s second edition of the ‘Ideas of India’ summit, emphasized on parental training. He said, “Parents should provide a safe space to their child instead of thrusting pressure on them.” He also believed that “English is overvalued” in our society. “The language we speak has nothing to do with the intelligence of an individual. However, there is pre-notion in our society that English-speaking people are smarter than those who don’t.”

The summit promises an invigorating line-up of speakers with prominent figures from the world of business, politics, artists from the Hindi Film Industry, authors and other eminent sectors. The two-day conference confluences diverse ideas from various industries to promote India in becoming a burgeoning leader in the world.

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