Indian Aviation Regulator Suspends Pilots Involved in Tail Strike Incident at Ahmedabad Airport

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New Delhi, July 27, 2023: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India’s civil aviation regulator, has taken action against the pilots involved in a tail strike incident at Ahmedabad airport on June 15.

The pilot-in-command has been suspended for three months, while the co-pilot has been suspended for one month.

The incident occurred when an Airbus 321 aircraft experienced a tail strike during landing at Ahmedabad airport.

DGCA’s investigation revealed that the crew deviated from established standard operating procedures, leading to the incident.

After issuing a show cause notice to both pilots, DGCA examined their replies and relevant facts.

Subsequently, the license of the pilot-in-command was suspended for three months, and the co-pilot’s license was suspended for one month due to violation of relevant Civil Aviation Requirements and standard operating procedures.

Following the incident, IndiGo, the airline operating the flight, confirmed the tail strike and grounded the aircraft for inspection.

The airline stated that the necessary assessment and repairs were being carried out and that the incident was under investigation by relevant authorities.

With India’s aviation market experiencing rapid growth, industry stakeholders emphasize the importance of stringent norms and efficient surveillance to maintain a robust civil aviation ecosystem. In response, DGCA plans to bolster its technical team by adding at least 1,000 personnel, strengthening safety measures for both air and ground operations.

DGCA’s annual surveillance plan for 2023 includes 3,827 action points, an increase from 3,709 in 2022. The plan aims to focus on aspects such as aircraft airworthiness, air safety, airport standards, engineering, maintenance, and flying training organizations to elevate India’s aviation standards.

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