Indian Heritage Beauty Pageant & Indian Success Stories Award Launched in Delhi

Vishal Malhotra/Lokesh Goswami Tennews New Delhi :

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New Delhi (27/02/2020): A Night of Glamour, Glitter & Recognition, Indian Heritage Beauty Pageant & Indian Success Stories Awards was launched in New Delhi on 26th Feb 2020. The Grand Finale will be hosted in August.

The launch was attended by top models and glamour brigade.

“India Heritage Beauty Pageant believes in giving people a platform to fulfil their dreams and work towards their goals with determination, perseverance & integrity,” said Shiv Kakran adding “We excel in organizing events that bring out the best in beauty pageant applicants. Our pageants are not simply to find a winner but to show that they are all winners. Through these and several such events, we empower our women with self-confidence and a strong sense of belief in themselves. We provide comprehensive training to our contestants, including personal grooming and cultural awareness of life after the pageant. We promise all our contestants a fair and honest competition. We give them an experience of a lifetime and an opportunity to meet with lifelong friends.”

Following the global and international success of the previous year’s pageant, IHB will be held in New Delhi.

Indian Heritage Beauty Pageant provides an exceptional platform for Teen, Miss, Mr, Mrs and Plus size from all over the world, to realize their dreams to fruition. In short, a breakthrough pageant to showcase the participant’s unique talents, extraordinary strength and distinguished personality on the world stage.

With the motto “Beauty with a Purpose”, the aim of the Indian Heritage Beauty Pageant has always been to provide a platform for strong, independent and smart men and women to showcase their personalities while being role models for everywhere.

“We aim to pick a charitable organization as a charity partner and strive to build awareness and raise funds for the organization,” informed Karan.

The pageant provides an opportunity for contestants to build their confidence, stage presence, and personalities while networking with other smart people. This will be a memorable experience for everyone who participates regardless of the results. The organisation invites eligible candidates to seize the opportunity by taking advantage of this unique platform and stepping out of their comfort zones.

Indian Success Stories Award is based on hidden talent in our country which remains as it is and their efforts also remain unnoticed as the marketing-driven community seeks ”show” and for hard-working people the organisation’s concern has an aim to showcase the talent and make them feel proud as well as show society a role model.

The Award society considers achievements through meticulous coordination and execution amongst various fields. “We want everyone to share their testimony, interact and let everyone know about the journey. This is an opportunity to be part of the existing event and join the stream of growth and success. The awards play a key role in redefining the contribution of awardees and informing a new, positive, pro-diversity debate,” signed-off Kakran.

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