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Indian Realty Industry Demystified

INSIDE unREAL ESTATE The journey of S.K Sayal unveiled

New Delhi, March 15, 2016: Penguin India today launched a memoire on the Indian real estate industry -‘Inside unreal Estate’A journey through India’s most controversial sector”, authored by S K Sayal, an industry veteran with over 30 years’ experience in the sector.  The book captures the evolutionary landscape of Indian real estate sector and his myriad experiences therein.

The ‘Inside unreal Estate’ is an intimate narrative of Mr. Sayal’s experience in the sector and how he attained success through sheer hard work and determination. The book highlights in detail the nuances of the sector, especially in the light of ‘unethical business’ tactics followed by some real estate developers to make quick money without worrying about the consumer sentiment. The book also makes references to companies and people who have given unwavering support to the sector to help it reclaim the consumer sentiment. It also mentions the challenges of urbanization being addressed through progressive initiatives by the current government.

In his book, Mr Sayal has also expressed his views about the corporatisation of the real estate sector, which aim to bring back the much desired trust of buyers.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal, Founder and Chairman, Bharti Enterprises said, “I congratulate Sushil on the launch of this wonderful book, which quintessentially sums up his more than three decade long experience as a real estate sector professional. Replete with personal insights, it’s a fascinating narrative on the changing dynamics of one of the most keenly followed sectors of the Indian economy.”

Anuj Puri, Chairman and country head, JLL India, said, “Inside unReal Estate presents a telescopic view of how the Indian Realty market has evolved over the period of time. The book highlights crucial facts pertaining to the sector that had never been available before in such a comprehensive narrative. It will serve as an excellent reference guide for all key stakeholders: the developers, the investors, media professionals and the consumers. Hearty congratulations to Mr. Sayal on this mighty achievement”.

Lohit Jagwani Commissioning Editor, Business at Penguin Books Ltd., said, “Inside unReal Estate is a first attempt to pen down the experiences of Indian real estate sector. This book is a compilation work of an intellectual person’s memoirs who has spent years of hard work and dedication to bring the changes in the sector.  On behalf of Penguin India, I congratulate Mr. Sayal for his initiative, which will help millions of home buyers to understand this sector before taking one of the most important decisions of their life – to buy their dream home.

Revealing some highlights of his book, S K Sayal, CEO & MD, Bharti Land Limited, said, “Writing a book on the sector that is close to my heart has always been my dream and to actually have achieved it is an absolutely amazing feeling. Inside unReal Estate will take you through my roller coaster journey with the Indian real estate sector which included my run-ins with unscrupulous builders, maverick investors and bureaucrats.  I have tried to pen down my experience in the most controversial sector in the country and how have I dealt with the same. I hope my reader will appreciate my effort and will like this memoire”

I would like to thank my family members, friends, colleagues and all the people around, without them this book would not have been possible. The joy of actually seeing your life experiences in the form of a book is unparalleled. I hope that inside unReal Estate will serve as a reference guide for developers, stakeholders, investors, media professionals and academia – Added Mr. Sayal

The book is available on leading online marketplaces and bookstores.

About the Author:

Mr. Sushil Kumar Sayal holds over thirty years of experience in real estate. He was the head of operations at Mahindra/Gesco Corporation till 2004, and CEO of Alpha G Corp, which he co-founded, till 2014. A Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors of UK (FRICS), he is currently the managing director and CEO of Bharti Realty Ltd, part of the Bharti Group. For his contributions to the real estate sector, Sayal has been recognized by industry forums as `Innovative Brand Builder of The Year’ at the World Brand Congress 2010, `CEO of the Year’ 2011 and `Most Enterprising CEO of the Year’ at the Real Estate Awards 2012.

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