International Inclusion Alliance: Pioneering Global Change for Equity and Acceptance

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New Delhi, 10th Feb: In a groundbreaking interview with Ten News, Shruti, the Co-founder of the International Inclusion Alliance, shed light on the revolutionary vision and objectives of this transformative initiative.

With a deep understanding of the urgent need for inclusion on a global scale, Swaroop articulated the fundamental concept behind the alliance. She emphasized the imperative to embrace individuals for who they are, advocating for equal opportunities, access to education, and societal acceptance. The International Inclusion Alliance aims to amalgamate various aspects of inclusion, encompassing societal, gender, and financial dimensions, to catalyze positive change worldwide.

Addressing the objectives of the alliance, Shruti highlighted its primary focus on initiating meaningful conversations and actions towards creating inclusive workspaces. She underscored the widespread lack of awareness and understanding regarding inclusion and equity, emphasizing the importance of raising awareness, initiating dialogues, and providing solutions. Particularly in areas like financial inclusion, the alliance aims to empower individuals, especially women entrepreneurs, by addressing barriers and facilitating access to resources through conferences, roundtable seminars, and collaborative efforts.

Looking towards the future, Shruti shared her vision for the alliance’s expansion across various industries, envisioning a footprint in manufacturing, construction, textiles, pharma, ITES, oil and gas, and automobiles. Advocating for greater female representation in the workforce, the alliance aims to establish policies and infrastructure supporting retention and growth. Collaboration with government bodies, public sector undertakings, and international organizations is key to effecting systemic changes conducive to inclusivity. By working collaboratively on a global scale, the alliance aims to ensure equal opportunities and access to resources, ultimately improving lives worldwide.

The International Inclusion Alliance stands as a beacon of hope, driving positive change and fostering a culture of inclusivity on a global scale

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