#jnurow #JatReservation – Mother and Mother land by Vanita Sriniwas

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By Vanita Sriniwas ,  is A Social Thinker and Activist

Mother and Mother land

The young generation is always oozing with energy. The country looks forward with lots of expectations from them. The young brigade is expected to forge ahead with new ideas, new thought process, new innovations and a subtlety of compassion for the fellow citizens. They should be the prime cause for ushering in a new era of positivity and development instead my India has become a land of pretests and dissents. It is very disheartening to accept and come to terms with the prevalent situation in the country. Every soul is busy demanding his right.

The Jat protest for reservation put lot of things out of track (literally too). Majority of people agree to the fact that Jats are a well to do community, yet the recent agitation baffled the nation. The group damaged public property, put their fellow citizens at inconvenience and paralyzed the whole system. However this was not the end of the list of disappointments. The news reports appalled us with the accounts of rapes of innocent lady travelers on the high way. The assent, to put on the agitation was itself a shameful act. The youngsters not only shelved their self pride but they also denigrated and violated the modesty of ladies who had nothing to do with the agitation. Such brutish conduct speaks very low about the moral values imbibed in them. A group which lacks a minimum courtesy and respect for the fairer sex doesn’t deserve a preferential treatment. A group which held the whole nation at ransom, how can they claim to be weak and requiring reservation?

Equally intimidating is the JNU issue where the students unabashedly raised anti national slogans, thus humbling the love and pride for our mother land. This incidence has lead to lot of uproar from within but has also bared many a skeletons in their closets. Such acts should have been criticized harshly but several pockets jumped in to justify them. Sometimes we avoid hearing truth because we feel safe in our illusions.

These two incidents have created a lot of commotion and public disturbance. It has exposed the brutal fact that the youth care less about the woman and care lesser about the mother land. It has also unwrapped the fact that they lack mettle and reasoning power to judge situation correctly.

Napoleon Bonaparte once said “Give me good mothers and I will give you a good nation”. Has the mother in our country failed to do so. Has she not been able to educate her son to respect women and die for the mother land? Do we need to ponder on this aspect and give a direction to the youth, who seem to be totally deprived of vision and mission.

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