Kiran Bedi said ‘We are not sitting here as men and women ,there is no vyakti no vyakta.

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New Delhi : Dr. Kiran Bedi, Receipt on Ramon Magsaysay Award, IPS Officer 1972-2007 said, ‘We are not sitting here as men and women, there is no vyakti no vyakta. We are just vyakti no differentiation between men and women.’
‘I have identified two reasons that hold back women in leadership- Women who are in the corporate sector, family support holds them back, they have to choose between their children or husband. And the second being, lack of women in higher posts as political leaders. If we need more women in the sector than we need support system in place, we should offer “good social support system” and “political schools”.’
‘I request Guruji to open the first school of political governance so that people do not in politics by default, but by training.’

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