Mother, on whose breast humanity is nourished and on whose lap civilisations are cradled. Motherhood is the dream of every girl which makes her complete as a woman. The nine-month long but beautiful journey for a woman helps in preparing her for the day she waits the most.

Even for the doctor, ultimate goal is to achieve a safe pregnancy and delivery; be it Normal(Vaginal) or Caesarean Section(through Abdominal route). In first time mothers, deliveries are majorly classified into two types, Normal and C-Section.

A normal delivery or vaginal birth is the natural method of childbirth. In this method, the baby is born down the birth canal and through the vagina of the mother. During this process, the mother will go through three different stages of delivery starting with labor and ending with the delivery of the placenta.

Cesarean birth is the delivery of a baby through incisions made in the mother’s abdomen and uterus. The indication for a caesarean section may be for a planned one(Elective) or an unplanned one, i.e. in emergency.

Based on several parameters we will now have a look at the two delivery methods:

Hospital Stay

In case of a Normal delivery through induced labour, the stay at the hospital is extremely short. In fact in many cases normal deliveries are done at home as well thus, excluding the need of a Hospital. Whereas, in case of a Caesarean Section, the stay is much longer for the patient.


Normal delivery cases witness a quick recovery and patient mobility happens shortly after the delivery itself, since there is natural healing in process. C-Section delivery cases have to wait for their recovery for a longer period of time and have to be careful with movements due to the stitches applied.


Since Normal delivery is a natural procedure, there is no or a very minimal need of surgery required. The entire methodology of C-Section revolves around surgical process of delivery and thus, surgery is an essential practice here.


A woman’s body prepares and readies itself on its own when there is a case of a normal delivery. Breastfeeding is possible almost right after the child birth takes place. Nature has designed this entire process in a way that even a second old baby seeks breast if left undisturbed in skin-to-skin contact with their mother’s body. Since C-Section is an artificial procedure of child birth, breastfeeding gets delayed.

Perineal Damage

Perineum gets strained during vaginal birth and results to Perineal tears as well. Although, in certain cases, an incision at the opening of the vagina(Episiotomy) is also made to allow a broader passage for a child birth. Caesarean Section does no damage to the Perineum as it is not even required to be disturbed.


Normal delivery is extremely cost efficient as there is nil or minimal artificial interference required. C-Section is an expensive proposition as it involves a surgery and longer stay at the Hospital.

Health of the baby

One of the most important factors to be considered by parents is the health of the baby. Since the baby is fully matured in case of a normal delivery, health of the baby remains good and has stronger lungs. Most C-Section babies are not fully matured and are thus more prone to Neonatal Jaundice, breathing problems and lesser immunity.

Most doctors advise their patients to go for normal delivery and prepare the mother accordingly. C-Section delivery on the other hand should be opted only if there are very serious complications involved in the birth procedure. 

If you are only worried about enduring the labour pain, drive away your fears, as the surgery involved in the cesarean only gets rid of the labour pain. Due to the surgery, you will have to endure more pain after the surgery, causing a lot of hindrance to your normal activities. You won’t be able to give complete attention to your baby, instead you will be concentrating more on healing yourself. The expenses involved here are more, when compared to a vaginal delivery.

Thus, we can conclude that normal delivery is the most natural way of bringing your baby into your world. Though there might be certain circumstances in a woman’s life, which make it unavoidable for you to opt for a cesarean delivery. So, be prudent, consult well with your doctor before you choose the right method for delivering your bundle of joy.


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