Kritika Kamra: Thrillers I’m set to be a part of are not merely scripts, they are immersive experiences

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Mumbai, Jan 22 (IANS) Actress Kritika Kamra is all set for her upcoming thriller dramas, ‘Gyarah Gyarah’ and ‘For Your Eyes Only’, which she says are an immersive experience.

Last year, the actress pleasantly shocked her fan base by portraying the role of a lady gangster in ‘Bambai Meri Jaan’. Now, she is ready to push the boundaries once more.

Kritika said: “I find immense fulfillment in choosing projects that deviate from the expected, ventures that take me far beyond the realms of what people anticipate. The projects I’m diving into this year, particularly the thrillers, hold a special place in my heart.

“These narratives are intense, layered with suspense, and demand a profound emotional investment. It’s precisely this intensity that excites me and propels me to embark on this new journey with enthusiasm.”

Kritika added: “The thrillers I’m set to be a part of are not merely scripts; they are immersive experiences that challenge me to explore the nuances of character, emotion, and suspense.

The actress further shared that in essence, this upcoming chapter in her career is not just about delivering performances.

Kritika added: “It’s about immersing myself in the transformative power of storytelling. It’s about pushing boundaries, defying expectations, and unveiling dimensions of my craft that perhaps even I am yet to fully uncover.”

‘Gyarah Gyarah’ by Sikhya Entertainment and Dharma Productions. Simultaneously, ‘For Your Eyes Only’ is from the makers of the critically acclaimed ‘Scam 92’.



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