Land Acquisition for Jewar Airport starts, Foundation Stone to be laid soon in Ranhera

Talib Khan

Greater Noida, (21/2/2019): Once completed Jewar Airport will be a milestone achieved by the government of Uttar Pradesh.

The process of building up one of the biggest infrastructure projects of the country started last year with identification of land to be acquired.

Six villages have been earmarked by the authorities, which will be taken for the airport. The six villages which will contribute 1239.14 hectare of area are ‘Ranhera, Parohi, Rohi, Kishorpur, Dayanatpur and Banwaribas.

The foundation stone for one of the biggest infrastructure projects of the country will be laid at Ranhera village, which will contribute 100.59 hectares to the pool of land needed for the airport. With 480 land owning families, Ranhera will be the first in the list of milestones that would have made the first flight possible.

The administration is preparing for the foundation stone laying ceremony in the first week of March by completing acquisition in Ranhera and Parohi.

“The administration has prepared the files of 400 Ranhera farm owners. We have also prepared the files for compensation for Parohi, where 134.19 hectares of land will be required. We will start awarding compensation to the farm owners from Friday, and they will receive the compensation directly into their bamk accounts to ensure transparency”, Balram Singh, ADM ( land acquisition) said.

The administration has prepared a Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R) report for the 8,971 affected families, out of which houses of only 3,627 families will be acquired and they will be relocated. Each affected family will receive monthly subsistence allowance of Rs 3000 for one year from the date of compensation being awarded.

Since the relocation and resettlement process will be gradual, farm owners have been assured of minimum basic facilities till the time they are not settled in the newly developed sectors.

Officials said that Ranhera was chosen for the ceremony because it is along Jewar-Tappal road and convenient for connectivity and VIP movement. Around 70% of land owners here have given their consent for the land acquisition.

While on the other hand some of the land owners are still not sure about the way forward, and are demanding to increase the acquisition rate from the government.

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