Let us ponder over this Independence Day

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Let us ponder over this Independence Day

what causes daily murders, rapes, thefts, shoot outs, kidnappings/ ransoms, suicides and terrible outbursts of anger, which are on the increase and that too on minor issues and cause destruction of property resulting in National loss?

Brig K.G.Behl (Retd)

President All India Consumers Council,Uttarakhand

When we see any TV Channel or read headlines of a newspaper we invariably come across most of the news which are on above topics or some accident some where killing many innocent people mostly due to the fault of individuals or some technical faults which again are due to some lack of maintenance again due to human negligence. Lately a number of fires have taken place in vital buildings and trains etc. due to short circuiting.. Short circuiting is caused because the electric repairs there have been done haphazardly and hurriedly taking it for granted that it will be set right by  the maintenance staff  but those have never been checked by the maintenance staff and results in short circuiting some times killing and injuring so many innocent people. It is nothing but dereliction of duties by the concerned staff .It happens because the staff deputed for this purpose is utilized some where else thereby neglecting the main work. Vehicular accidents take place mostly because either the drivers are over worked or the repair of the vehicles are not got done in time and the vehicles are made to run in that state. Some where due to certain reasons there is dereliction of duty which ultimately results in unnecessary accidents and lives of many unconcerned people are lost or they are injured. Generally the rules provide for leave reserve and maintenance staff to periodically check but usually those are employed some where else resulting in negligence of duty., knowingly or unknowingly. which results in accidents and loss of life later. If the rules are rigidly followed and all actions are taken as per rules all unnecessary and unwanted accidents can be avoided.

This is one aspect and now let us consider another aspect which is equally important and is prompting people to commit rapes, shoot outs etc. The main cause of all such activities is the open depiction of sex where kissing and embracing is a common thing in our movies and serials and skinny dresses worn by girls in different social functions clubs and Discos. It incites sexy passion in lot many people, who are devoid of such atmosphere at homes and prompts them to indulge in vulgar activities like teasing, waylaying, rapes etc. to satisfy their whims and urge .Moreover in movies and TV serials too things  are shown as getting done at gun/pistol point which prompts youngsters to use those to get their wishes or desires fulfilled by firing shots and killing involved people. All these are being done by youngsters who in their ego to get money which they fail to get from their parents, who are not in position to provide them due to their meager means or other circumstances or even to restrict their wards activities which they find unacceptable. Of course there are incidents where people have committed suicides for minor issues which if tackled properly could have been avoided.

Another factor which our movies and TV Serials show commonly where pistols, AK 47 and other weapons are used on each other without bothering what repercussions it will have on youngster who roam around with such weapons and do not hesitate to use those and kill others on minor issues without bothering about the repercussions which they or their families face later. Why cannot the film Censors look into it and remove such scenes which can cause such effects on youngsters. Normally such scenes are shown to bring reality to smuggling, terrorist activities, enemy infiltrators etc. But those actions should be enacted in such a way so that they do not convey wrong impressions on the viewers especially the youngsters. These should not be allowed unless essential.

Another thing which is troubling public is the constrained, illegal and corrupt relationships being shown in families in movies and TV Serials and which are difficult to explain to children when they ask as to how those relations develop and what are illegitimate or adopted children. The love triangles are normally shown and illegal relations with many others is very common. to bring out certain relations the general norms are forgotten and twisted to that extant that at times it becomes difficult to watch with family. The new  addition of  ‘Item song’ practically in every movie which is nothing but almost naked dance in skinny dress and the way it is sung or played with other persons is simply ridiculous and needs to be stopped as it is against the culture of the country. The film board must judicially screen it and delete those portions which are noting short of vulgarity. The censors must examine this aspect too from the laymen point of view and not upper strata where such things are ignored and the relations aret twisted to the extent that it becomes difficult to digest and break. There is already enough corruption, abnormal increase in prices and adulteration in day to day life and people see all these programs to get relaxation and entertainment but if some headache creating programs are shown instead, it becomes difficult to digest that. Some channels are showing at certain hours in different  programmes constituting of songs and dances which are full of sex and nudity..The Govt. must take action to stop exhibition of such programs to save our youth from getting spoiled. Such programs incite youngsters to create mischief of the type shown on screen..


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