Lt General (Retd) DS Hooda condemns Sadhvi Pragya’s comments on 26/11 martyr Hemant Karkare


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New Delhi: (21/04/2019) In a Press briefing by P Chidambaram,Jairam Ramesh and LT Gen DS Hooda. Congress presented a national security roadmap for enhancing India’s hard power based on Lt. Gen (Retd.) D.S. Hooda’s recommendation.

D.S. Hooda briefing press on National Security at AICC, said,

“In our discussions we decided that there would be 5 pillars of national security. Number one is Assuming our rightful place in the global affairs. Second is, Securing our neighborhood, third Peaceful resolution of internal conflicts like Jammu & Kashmir conflict, fourth Jan Suraksha- the main goal of national security is protecting our people. We need to solve climate change crisis, job crisis that harms people and Fifth and final pillar of national security is strengthening our capabilities. We have drafted the report based on a roadmap for enhancing our hard power.”

DS Hooda condemning Sadhvi Pragya’s comments on 26/11 martyr Hemant Karkare, said, “Yes it does hurt when such things are said about a martyr, be it from the Army or the Police, full respect should be given. These utterances are not good.”

Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram said, “The report prepared by D.S. Hooda is uploaded in our website. What we have given to you is a broad outline on how to approach the issue of national security:

“We have taken several features of Lt. Gen D. S. Hooda’s plan. These ideas will be implemented when we form our government. Our approach is not ad-hoc, it is after a careful study and deliberation, necessary measures will be taken,” added Chidambaram.

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