Man killed his own son over suspicion of incest with Mom

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Chennai: A horrific incident took place in Chennai where a man killed his own son over suspicion of incest with his wife.

The Tamil Nadu police have arrested of 50-year-old man, Sakthivel, who stabbed his own son to death when he developed suspicion over son having an affair with his wife.

The man was living in a rented house with his 45-year-old wife, son and a daughter.

The 50 years old man was continuously suspected his wife and his son, before stabbing his son to death the father’s and son duo, several times had arguments between each other.

The father is a painter by profession and the 22 year old son was a typist.

After the incident the boy was taken to a nearby hospital where a team of doctors declared him ‘dead on arrival’.

More facts and details will be uncovered as of now the investigation is underway.

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