Manoj Tiwari Targets Kejriwal Over deaths of homeless people in Delhi due to cold!

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New Delhi : (18/OI/2019) Manoj Tiwari today addressed a conference regarding deaths happened in the capital due to excess cold these winters. He passed on the calculations of around 336 people who were found dead in the capital in December and till January 15th.

He said, “AAP is not aware of the situations of Ren Basera in Delhi. They don’t know that today, there are hundreds who are not able to get space in these Ren Baseras.

He further added, “Arvind Kejriwal use to advertise the good conditions of the Ren Baseras he built in Delhi but when we go look the real conditions of these Ren Baseras, we will just notice inadequate providings . There are people who are dying because of sleeping road-side.
There is no change in the facilities that are provided to the poor but we are nothing an increment in the deaths happening in winters, when compared to previous years.”

Manoj Tiwari further told that a 6-lane decent highway with 155 Kms length is to be built within the outskirts of Delhi.
According to him, Transport Minister recently approved his proposal for building this highway and also said that this will be assigned as National Highway-709B.

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