Mark Zuckerberg tries Apple Vision Pro, says Quest 3 is better, less expensive

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New Delhi, Feb 14 (IANS) Meta Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg tried Apple’s mixed reality (MR) headset Vision Pro and said on Wednesday that his company’s Quest 3 AR/VR headset is a better product, less expensive and more immersive.

In a video message, Zuckerberg said that Quest 3 is seven times less expensive.

“Quest provides better value and is the better product. Period. Overall, Quest is better for the vast majority of things that people use mixed reality for,” he mentioned.

He said that Quest 3 weighs 120 grams less, making it more comfortable to wear for longer.

Zuckerberg said it allows for greater motion due to its lack of a wired battery pack and wider field of view than Apple Vision Pro.

“I also noticed that Apple’s headset has motion blur as you move around while Quest is just a lot crisper. Vision Pro’s screen does have a higher resolution and that’s really nice,” the Meta CEO mentioned.

But he was “surprised by how many trade offs” Apple had to make to the quality of the device and the comfort and ergonomics and other aspects of the display in order to get that for input.

“Quest supports precision controllers that are great for games. Both headsets support hand tracking. Apple’s eye tracking is really nice. We actually had those sensors back in Quest Pro, we took them out for Quest 3 and we’re going to bring them back in the future,” said Zuckerberg.

“Honestly, I’m surprised that Quest is so much better for the vast majority of things that people use these headsets for, with that price difference,” he mentioned.

Apple Vision Pro costs $3,499 while Meta’s Quest 3 starts from $499.99 for the 128GB model.

At the end of the video, Zuckerberg thanked his team that has been building VR headsets for a very long time.



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