Martha Stewart only wears swimsuits under her clothes

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Los Angeles, Feb 26 (IANS) Lifestyle legend Martha Stewart has shared that she only ever wears swimsuits under her clothes “just in case” she “wants to go swimming”.

“I like bathing suits. I like wearing bathing suits under my clothes just in case I want to go swimming,” Stewart told at the Old Bags Luncheon.

“Bathing suits are my underwear,” she said.

Stewart, who is about to publish her 100th book, doesn’t like to wear any of “that structured stuff”.

“No tight lace, no Skims for Martha. But I love Skims. I think they serve a very good purpose but I don’t wear those. I only wear Aerie bathing suits under my clothes,” she said.

She wondered of Skims mogul Kim Kardashian: “Is Kim Kardashian going to be mad at me?”

However, she added: “No, she won’t be mad at me. She knows I don’t wear Skims.”

In 2023, Stewart was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue as the magazine’s oldest cover model.



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