Mass Rally at New Delhi demanding separate State Bodoland!


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NEW DELHI : The All Bodo Students’ Union (ABSU), National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB-P) and the People’s Joint Action Committee for Bodoland Movement (PJACBM) staged a Maha Rally at National Capital on Wednesday. The joint movement group demanded early creation of Bodoland state and political rights to the Bodos residing outside the BTC region.

Hundreds of people in 20 subdivisions across Assam participated in the protest. The protesters also gave signatures with their blood to be sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The movement groups demanded resuming the tripartite talk at political level for creation of Bodoland and ensuring political rights for Bodos living outside the proposed Bodoland area, protecting, preserving and safeguarding the identity of the Bodos by creating the Bodoland state and giving them the right to enjoy the provisions of the Constitution.

The movement leaders expressed their dissatisfaction over the non-progress of the peace talk stating that it had been seven months since the last talk was held but no initiative was taken by the government in resuming the talk.

ABSU president Pramod Boro, Said “Today through the blood signature campaign where thousands of people have come out and given their signatures signed in blood for Bodoland, the message will be clear to the BJP-led government in Delhi that the Bodo people are ready to give their blood for the cause of Bodoland. The promise of BJP to create new States is going to be proved an election gimmick as they have not done anything to resolve this long-pending issue of creation of new States in the country till date in spite of having provision in the Constitution of India (Article 2 & 3) to create new states. It was the responsibility of the BJP-led NDA government to bring the issue of new state creation in the Parliament through for debate and discussion”.

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