Meenakshi Lekhi launched Automatic Organic Waste Decomposer at Jhandewalan Devi Temple!

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9th November 2017: New Delhi: Angelique Foundation donated a fully automatic organic waste decomposer to Badri Bhagat Jhandewalan Temple Society (the charitable society that looks after the management of famous Jhandewalan Devi Temple at Paharganj, New Delhi). Meenakshi Lekhi, Member of Parliament, (New Delhi, Lok Sabha) along with Jaishree Goyal, Head – CSR, Angelique International Limited and Kulbhushan Ahuja, Secretary of Badari Bhagat Jhandewalan Society, graced the occasion.

Angelique foundation approached Meenakshi Lekhi, Member of Parliament (New Delhi, Lok Sabha) to support the CSR initiative of decomposing flower and organic waste into usable compost, Meenakshi Lekhi connected the same with Swatchh Bharat initiative of the PM and furthered the initiative by introducing it to Jandewalan Devi Temple, where Kulbhushan Ahuja gracefully accepted and supported the efforts by providing a dedicated room and manpower for the operations.

Jhandewalan Devi Temple generates on an average 50 kgs of flower and 10 kgs of kitchen organic waste daily and on festivals, this quantity increases by approx. 100 kgs. Huge quantity of flowers offered in the temple daily are dumped adding to environmental pollution.

The fully automatic organic waste decomposer with a waste capacity of 100 Kgs. per day, donated by Angelique Foundation, converts flowers to compost, reducing city waste pollution without emitting a foul smell. The compost will be used to fertilize the green areas around the temple. This is an initiative in the direction of PM’s favorite project – Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

While launching the decomposer Meenakshi Lekhi, Member of Parliament, (New Delhi, Lok Sabha) said, “Angelique Foundation has been doing not only something unique but also concrete to contribute to PM’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Such an initiative is definitely going to help in achieving the primary objective that our PM has in mind. Our government’s aim is to make all-out efforts to keep our environment clean- be it roads in every city, small towns, or rural areas. With the installation of decomposers, Angeliqie is doing its utmost to ensure that the organic material gets recycled in an ecosystem.”

Also present at the launch, Kulbhushan Ahuja, Kulbhushan Ahuja, Secretary of Badari Bhagat Jhandewalan Society, expressed his gratitude to AIL, and said, “We are grateful to Angelique Foundation for donating Automatic Organic Waste Decomposer, which will be of great use in keeping the temple premises spotlessly clean. Due to our cultural necessity, We make offerings of flowers and leaves to Gods and Goddesses, but often tend to neglect the after effects it may cause, that results in making the holy place turn stinky and unpleasantly unsuitable for visitors.”

In her address, Jaishree Goyal, Head – CSR, Angelique International said, “Waste Management is as important as Swatchchata. The process of converting flower and organic waste economically into usable compost for green areas is our new CSR initiative. We have been successful in Jhandewala Mandir and hope to take it across Delhi. From soil to flowers, from flowers to soil again.


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