Men’s Rights Activists Groups join hands together to demand Men’s Commission!

Prerit Chauhan/ Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi: National Leaders, Activists, Volunteers of Save Indian Family (SIF) on Sunday gathered for the peaceful protest at jantar Mantar, New Delhi for the biggest rally ever for the cause of men.

Men’s Rights Leaders (SIF) of India from across the globe and other Male Voters, tired of Political apathy towards men joined in large numbers sending out a clear message to the government and political parties to take stock of the demands and act upon it further.

This protesters demanded National Commission for Men from the Government of India, Respectable place
for Men and Men’s issues in the Manifesto of every political party for Lok Sabha Elections 2019 and all
the elections in the future.

Speaking to Ten News, Ritwik, Vice President, Men Welfare Trust said,

“Our protest is against every gender biased law of India, which had been made, in absence of any Men’s Commission recommendations. As a result of a biased Law Making process, India is sitting on a Landmine of Easiest to Misuse Dowry, Child Custody,
Domestic Violence, Rape, Sexual harassment, Workplace Harassment, POCSO laws.”

He further said, “Over 50+ Men’s Rights Activists groups, from across India, today have joined hands to raise voice for men in #Satyagrah4Men. We would also request maximum people to join this protest and save India from becoming a country of broken families and jailed innocent men.

“#MeToo, the movement, which has given birth to “Digital Mob Lynching” in India, has already died in the countries from where it originated. With the highest percentage of falsity, with absolute anonymity, this movement has started a new and dangerous era of mob mentality with no responsibility,” added Ritwik.

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