Haven’t shown Goa in bad light in ‘Missing On A Weekend’ : Abhishek Jawkar

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Mumbai, June 22 (IANS) Director of the upcoming investigative thriller “Missing On A Weekend” Abhishek Jawkar has denied that he has shown Goa in bad light after receiving criticism over the film’s trailer.

“After showing the trailer, I have received lot of criticism saying that ‘you’re showing Goa in bad light and it will affect the tourism of India’. But there is nothing like that,” Abhishek told IANS.

He added that all the characters in “Missing On A Weekend” are fictitious and it was the script’s demand that he chose Goa to shoot the film.

“My illusion is what if Goa was like Delhi. We always read about several crimes happening in Delhi. I could have shot the film in Delhi, but the script demanded a tourist destination like Goa,” Abhishek said.

The film is about a group of seven friends whose trip to Goa goes haywire when they go missing one by one. The media also gets into the case and questions the safety of Goa and starts comparing it to Delhi.

“I have observed that people from Delhi who have not seen the sea do crazy things when they come to Goa. They take freedom for granted,” he said.

“The film’s story is about a group of seven friends who visit Goa over the weekend and feel they can do everything. But their plan fails when they encounter an unwanted person and they all go missing one by one,” the director added.

“Missing On A Weekend” stars Pavan Malhotra, veteran singer Hariharan’s son Karan and is presented by The Red Bulb Studios and Adept Films. The film will hit the screens on July 1.

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