Modi Inaugurates Magenta Line Metro, Invokes Good Governance Model, Attacks Bureaucracy!


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NOIDA : Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Noida today for the Inaguration of Botanical Garden-Kalkaji Metro Route which is most popularly known as Magenta Line metro. He was accompanied by UP CM Yogi Adityanath and Governor Ram Naik as well as other dignitaries.

Prime Minister Modi started his address amid loud Chants of “Modi-Modi” which have lately become signature model of his public addresses all over India. Before PM Modi walked upto Dias, Noida MP and Union Minister Mahesh Sharma gestured to his supporters and made sure that he is welcomed with the thumping noise.
Modi started his address with Christmas Wishes and said, “Chirst’s Life teaches compassion and love. I wish everyone the same on this auspicious occasion”.

Quoting the welcome address he said , ” I am not into any other state, UP is my own State. UP has adopted and molded me for new responsibilities. Banaras made me MP for  the first time. It is 22 crore people of UP which have contributed most in giving India a firm and resolute government”.
Speaking about importance of metro he said, “Connectivity is of prime importance in today’s time. Sarvjan Hitay- Sarvjan Sukhaya is our main motto”.


He further added, ” Our governance is about sustainable development. Despite ever increasing requirements, our focus is on that to reduce our imports to some extent. Hence mass transportation and rapid transportation become a need of time”.
Talking of BJP legacy, he said, “On 24 December 2002, Atal Bihari Vajpayee become first passenger of Indian Metro
 Soon Indian Metro network will be in top 5 world metro networks”.
 Modi minced no words and attacked Corruption in bureaucracy in today’s speech. He said, “Mera Kya” culture of India has destroyed the country. However I have resolved to change it. I don’t take decision for political gains and I will make sure to fight the menace of corruption”.
He reminded everyone of Vajpayee’s rule and his irrefutable legacy and said, “During Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s tenure he emphasized on Good Governance. There have been attempts to erase the legacy of Atal Bihari who was first person to make target of taking roads to every village of India. We are continuing with it through Pradhanmantri Graham Sadak Yojna”. He also talked of red Tapism and said, “I want to end one legislation every day. Maze of rules and legislation has been done to slow the development. I want to end it. We have already done away with almost 1200 such rules”.
Modi didn’t forget to address the Noida zinx and also correlated it with his tenure as Gujarat CM. He said, “Yogi’s clothes are targeted to call him a “rudhivaadi” CM. However CM Yogi broke the myth and came to Noida. India still have Superstitious public representatives who do more harm than good. In Gujarat also we had some such districts which were considered bad omen to go. I went to all such places and still ruled Gujarat for the longest time”.
Talking of maximum utilisation of resources he said , “We made possible 20 Lakh tonnes of Urea Production without making any new manufacturing units. It happened due to good governance changes in existing structure  Under our government the development of rail lines and roads also doubled. Because we are doing maximum utilisation of our resources under good governance”.
At the end of his speech he gave the erstwhile PM of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee the title of “Bharat Marg Vidhata” and expressed gratitude for his rich legacy.

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