MOTIVATIONAL TALK on “Science, Technology & Spirituality”

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Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dronacharya Group of Institutions, Greater Noida organized a Motivational Talk on “Science, Technology & Spirituality” On 13th November, 2017. The Talk was conducted by Dr. Muralindran Mariappan in association with Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. Dr. Mariappan is the Head of Robotics & Intelligent Systems (myRIS), Artificial Intelligent Research Unit of Malysia. He is also a Self-Empowerment Motivator and Meditation Teacher at Brahma Kumaris, Malaysia.


The purpose of workshop was to understand that Spirituality is understanding ourselves and the laws of universe through the tools of Science and Technology”.


Hon’ble Prof. (Dr.) Ashish Soti, Director, Dronacharya Group of Institutions, Greater Noida, welcomed the guests Dr. Mariappan and Sister Preeti.


While discussing Science & Technology during his discourse, Dr. Mariappan said that it is a double-edged sword which can be used to help humankind and also to destroy it. He emphasized that we humans need to understand that it is not technology but humans using technology who apply it to cause harm.
Dr. Mariappan believed that Spirituality also helps us to have a compassionate view of nature. He said that when we think deeply and for a long time about anything, whether it is an idea or an object, then the brain has a tendency of focusing on it like a laser and in that process the object vanishes from the vision field and only its germ or the spirit remains.


While explaining the role of science, Dr.Mariappan said that is something that everyone can see with their physical senses, and a theory is a way of organizing those physical observations into a coherent structure. Subjective elements are disregarded because no one else can see (with their physical senses) what is going on inside a subject’s head. Spirituality also recognizes that ‘observers’ exist, but instead of disregarding the subjective observer, spirituality delves inward to discover the nature of that observer. It deals with both the idiosyncratic differences and the universal commonalities of human nature, and tries to give people an orientation to the world, or moral compass, that allows them to live better lives as subjective selves.


Hon’ble Director Prof. Ashish Soti concluded the program with a very encouraging speech. He appreciated and praised the guests for the conduction of the event. He reiterated the importance of Science, Technology and spirituality in ones life.


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