My parameters of success are achievement of the principles which define my life : Aditya Ghildyal, New Holland Agriculture , Greater Noida


My parameters of success are achievement of the principles which define my life : Aditya Ghildyal, New Holland Agriculture , Greater Noida
What you learnt from your parents?
I remember my father once telling me “The values that I have given you in life will give you more support and strength than can be bought by any amount of money”. These are the values which I learnt and imbibed from parents. The consciousness to feel the Divine within and around and the love and compassion for all needy came to me from my parents. My mother would never let a beggar at the door of our house to go without a meal. My father would go out of his way to help friends, relatives and those in need. To value humanity, to respect time and the dignity to live with honesty, all these values are ingrained in my DNA, thanks to my parents.
What are your principles of life?
I am of the firm belief that the only sin you commit is when you hurt others. So underlying all the principles of my life, this in my basic principle that my actions or speech should not be the cause of distress to others. It is more important to exhibit humane behavior than merely to talk about it and this is what I practice. Lastly, underlying all these are the principles of honesty and integrity, which are strictly follow.
Which are your core areas of your interests?
Human psychology and behavior deeply interest me. I am also very passionate about during good to the society which has given us so much in life. This involves devoting time to areas such as environment pollution, educating the under-privileged and compassion towards animals. These are the core areas of my interest and I strive to give as much time and energy possible in pursuit of these interests.
What message you wish to give to your children?

I merely wish to pass to my children the values inculcated in me through my parents. They should value humanity, be compassionate towards other living beings and take care of nature, which is always so gracious towards our needs but we have become only consumers and not preservers. So my children should become preservers and value the benevolence of Almighty.

What are your parameters of happiness?
Happiness is not something we will find at the end of the journey. It is the feeling that remains with us throughout the journey of our life. Momentary happiness is what we get though fulfillment of mundane materialistic desires, which are never ending. Everlasting happiness comes through the satisfaction and love of the consciousness within. So my parameter of happiness is the love and satisfaction I feel within through my thoughts and actions.

What are your parameters of success?
Success is relative. A saint may have been declared a failure in life by our pompous society but in the field of spirituality many will fall at his feet because of the Divine connection achieved by him. Each person is the only real evaluator of his success. So my parameters of success are achievement of the principles which define my life and keep becoming a better person. My goal is not to be better than anyone else but to be better than I used to be. This then becomes the parameter of my success.
What is your message to youth?

First, youth should value their heritage since it is their heritage which defines them. Parents and family are a small part of this heritage, which is encompassing our culture, country and beliefs. Rather than fighting our heritage to adopt western culture which is so enticing, we should readily adopt the good values and at the same time treasure our values and pass them forward to the next generations.
Which are your favorite book title/s and author/s?

Shrimad Bagwat
Which are your favorite films, songs and actor/s?
Late Dev Anand
.Hockey-Fullback- Aslam Sher Khan


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