Narendra Modi, the Primer Minister of Golden future by Sanjay Chaturvedi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has probably entered the record books on the very first day of his being elected prime minister of the country. There were records of winning with highest number of votes by many of the BJP stalwarts. Stating Modi himself, General V.K.Singh and Krishan Pal Gujjar were also the exempla nary cases. Modi is the first Prime Minister of the country to invite heads of states of the neighboring countries. Inviting the heads of state of Pakistan and Sri Lanka might have witnessed protests from the people with selfish agenda, but it proved to be the correct diplomatic initiative from a Prime Minister who has not even seated in the parliament prior to becoming the prime minister nominated by the winning party.

The number of guests invited was also a record for the country’s parliament. Approximately 5000 people were invited according to news reports. We should assume that none of them have chosen to be absent from such a royal celebration of democracy.

But why the preceding Prime ministers didn’t think of inviting the foreign dignitaries?  It is probably the fear of criticism and the prejudice against many of them which restricted them. People usually also think that such ceremonies are for the people of country only and the neighbors has nothing to do with it. However, Modi has forced such people to have a second thought that why do we invite our neighbors and relatives to our home in family functions? This is what a man connected from the grass root level can think off.  Another reason I talked above is the fear of criticism. Modi is a man who never restricted his activities due to fear of criticism. Instead he doesn’t believe in reacting to each and every criticism of the opposition. Even within his own party, many people are not in favour of him. But this has never stopped him acting on the decisions he has taken in the best interest of his state, earlier, and now for country. Having no stain on his image, neither of a personal nature nor of financial irregularities, he has nothing to be scared off. Even when he revealed the fact about his marriage, there were criticism of him of hiding the marriage, which meant nothing for either of them, he never reacted. It is quiet surprising that the same people remained quiet on the Digvijay Singh matter, in which he was found in relationship with about 20 years younger TV anchor.

Once, Modi was asked in an interview that how do the claim of making the country safe for women, Modi replied “Kabhi dandiya ke time Gujrat aa kar dekho, hamari behen betiyan raat ko do baje bhi akeli jaate main Nahin ghabratin.” This fact was actually verified by myself from some known residing in Gujarat and found the statement totally correct. In other words, it can be said that stricter laws do not have the power to impose restriction on the criminals, but it is the strong will of the people on the top that defines the system of a city, a state or a country.  Let’s hope that Gujarat model prove to be successful in the centre as well and the country starts its journey towards a brighter and happier tomorrow. The strong and knowledgeable people like Arun Jaitly, Rajnath Singh, General V.K.Singh, Sushma Swaraj etc are the faces of confident actions for a better tomorrow.

Modi has started his innings with a bang with the announcement of cancelling the registration of all the railways agents to curb the menace of corruption in the reservation system. It has been quiet obvious that there is some foul play because whenever a common man try for getting reservation he used to find all the train full, but once the job is given to an agent the reservation can be ensured, off course on payment of additional amount depending on the need. This amount too which in the starting used to be Rs.25 or so has rose to multiples.

Another major decision taken on the very first day of assuming the office is to constitute a SIT for investigating corruption. These two steps are the highlight of the way the new government would be moving towards a better tomorrow for the honest tax payers of the country. Let’s hope some more such announcements in the coming days. However, PM Modi has to be very cautious about his own actions because the people on the fielding side are ready to any catch bounced from his bat.

PM Narender Modi is also to be congratulated on the successful meeting with the neighboring countries initiated by releasing the fishermen by Pakistan and Srilanka. This shows that these countries have also understood the protocol they have to follow in order to be in good terms with India.


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