Neha Harsora talks about how being a Gujarati she adapted Marathi lingo for ‘Udne Ki Aasha’

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Mumbai, Feb 7 (IANS) Television actress Neha Harsora has talked about the challenges she faced preparing for her character in the show ‘Udne Ki Aasha’.

After doing shows like Dhruv Tara, Raazz Mahal Neha discusses how different is ‘Udne Ki Aasha’s character from those, said:“This show is different from my past roles like Raazz Mahal and Dhruvtara, which I’ve been doing for almost 1 1/2 years. In those, I was immersed in periodic dramas with a completely different attire, language, and style.”

“I wore a Lehenga and heavy jewellery, speaking in a more traditional and heavy Hindi. Today, it’s a bit more of a social show, where people can relate to the story, which is quite interesting.”

Discussing the difficulties in bagging a lead role at the start of her acting career in a big show like ‘Udne Ki Aasha, Neha said: “Landing a lead role on Star Plus was challenging, I auditioned extensively before trying out for Sayli. Then, I received a call for a mock shoot. Later, I found out that I was locked out of the show. I am very happy and excited about this opportunity.”

Sharing the struggles she faced to get a positive lead in this show, after playing a negative lead, she said: “People may typecast artists, but it depends on how you approach your roles. Being open to various characters makes it easier to immerse yourself in any role. I haven’t faced much typecasting; I auditioned for different roles after leaving Dhruv Tara. It works both ways.”

Being a Gujarati, Neha discusses how different was it to do the show ‘Udne Ki Aasha’ with a Marathi background, said: “I speak Gujarati at home and Hindi on set. Incorporating Marathi as a third language was challenging, but having Maharashtrian friends helped.

“I’m familiar with their way of talking and family functions, which makes it relatable. Despite the initial difficulty, adapting to the language became easier, allowing me to build vocabulary for the show or character.”



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