New Political Party “Azad Bharatam” Alleges AAP Scam in GPS and Panick Buttons!


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New Delhi: (30/07/2019) Azad Bharatam, a new libertarian Party, Allegedly exposed a Scam and farce of the AAP Government addressing a press conference in New Delhi. The Party slammed Aam Aadmi Party for projecting Women Security as its highest priority agenda point and said that Long before AAP announced free travel for women in Delhi metro and buses, the party had heavily capitalised on Damini /Nirbhaya tragedy for 2013 assembly elections and the promise of marshals in DTC buses for 2015 elections

The New Party coming in political arena further said that, every promise made by AAP on the issue of women security has turned out to be a farce. Same is the case with the Panic Button in which a woman can press if she feels her life is in danger while travelling in Auto or Taxi.

Addressing the Media, Rakesh Agarwal
Founder, Azad Bharatam said,

“Panic Button which is claimed as one big achievement in the domain of Women Security. In fact, AAP’s transport ministers make regular boastful claims about the Panic button, but the truth is shocking. The truth is panic button is defunct. The panic button is defunct because its backend is missing. The government has created no mechanism for it. If a passenger in distress presses the panic button, nothing happens! There is no connectivity or coordination with the Police, so no distress-signal goes out to the police and no help reaches her.”

He further said, “The panic button is merely a showpiece that the government flaunts from time to time to polish its image and to claim undeserved credit. Evidently, the AAP government has made Women Security as a pivotal point for its electoral strategy. Rhetoric on panic button fits in perfectly with this story of Women Security. ”

“Thus we have three demands, first,
Refund of Rs 20,000 to every driver of Autorickshaw, Taxi, Gramin Sewa, PhatPhat Sewa and other such vehicles. This includes average Rs 10,000 towards the cost of GPS and Panic Button integrated fare meter and average Rs 10,000 towards ”service charge” collected from each driver.” Second, Order CBI Enquiry into the entire GPS scam and third, Release a white paper within a week on the entire GPS and Panic Button scheme including its purpose and how the benefits are derived by showing the entire mechanism with the help of videos, pictures, charts and reports, ” added Party Chief.

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