New TVC campaign for pure water-pure air adds another feather in the cap of Kent RO

By Bipin Sharma

Having established themselves as the leaders in providing pure water through its extensive repertoire of RO Purifiers for many years, Kent RO is now all geared to offer clean air with its state- of -the art Air Purifiers. In an event in the capital, country’s most trusted water purifier brand Kent RO introduced Air Purifiers through its new TVC campaign.  Brand ambassador of the company Hema Malini unveiled Kent RO’s new campaign designed to convey the relevance of clean air along with the pure water.

Two models of Air Purifiers, KENT Aura and KENT Eternal have been introduced, both of which happen to be HEPA Pure Technology based Models that will help in eliminating dangerous particulates from the Air. The USP of HEPA filters is that they possess the efficiency to catch and trap indoor carcinogen particles like PM 2.5 the particulates (removes up-to 99.99 %), Pollen, Allergens, Surface adhering Mold, Fine Dust and clinging odour like  hour cigarette smoke, foul smell or pet odour. Unlike other purification technologies, which might emit chemicals, or any plasma-formed bi-products, KENT superior HEPA Technology indubitably enjoys the edge as they are safe. Through its new campaign, Kent RO is all poised to reach out to the target groups with dual purity products which are the water purifiers and air purifiers. Driven chiefly by two most significant factors for human life viz. pure water and clean air,  the new ad campaign astutely communicates the larger message of safety and well being, thus reinvigorating the message KENT RO se piye sabse shudh pani, aur  ab KENT Air purifier se paye sabse shudh hawa bhi”

In an exclusive chat, Dr.  Mahesh Gupta, Chairman, Kent RO Systems Limited shared, “This year’s novel campaign passionately drives the message that KENT RO epitomizes purity offering both pure water and pure air. Our new campaign centered on the double role of brand ambassador with differentiated colour schemes Blue for water and Pink for air. We have myriad ambitious plans up our sleeves, and in the coming times would focus on untapped cities  as well as rural areas. KENT has added new business verticals to its portfolio such as Air-Purifiers, Car Air Purifiers, Bed Cleaners, Vacuum Cleaners and Cold Pressed Juicers. The new TVC campaign is for Water Purifier and Air Purifier. As far as the scope of Air Purifier markets goes, the Air purifier market in India is slated to reach $ 209 million by 2021, thanks to the rising awareness about the repercussions of indoor and outdoor pollution on human health as well as growing consumer awareness about the merits of using air purifiers. The increased air pollution in the country due to expanding vehicle fleet size is resulting in higher emission of harmful particulate matter. Keeping in mind the gravity of the situation and the colossal need for clean air in the country, our company has forayed into Air Purifier segment as well. In our tireless pursuit of purity, we are pledged to making quality healthcare accessible to all customers by offering a wide range of products that are simple to understand and easy to use, while also giving them more value for their money. Corporates who are interested in this venture can always engage with us to see how we can provide the benefits of pure drinking water and air to a larger segment of the society.”

Speaking on the occasion, MP and Brand Ambassador of Kent RO, Hema Malini said, “I feel proud to be associated with Kent RO as they have done a remarkable work in providing pure drinking water to people across the length and breadth of the country. Utmost quality standards are adhered by the company, and due care is taken to address the end consumers queries. By launching two models of air purifiers, it is definitely another milestone achieved for Kent RO. As the MP of Mathura, I nurture a keen desire to provide pure, fresh drinking water to the people of my constituency, and would surely welcome any company such as Kent RO taking a lead and initiative in this direction. As a part of their CSR activities, the corporates need to be motivated towards pertinent causes like providing the general public with pure drinking water.”

As luck would have it, the market for RO water purifiers in India is growing at CAGR 24%, and is expected to touch 2.48 million units in the next 2 years. Sardonically, in terms of penetration, this is less than 1 %. With a lion’s share of 40% in the RO market, Kent RO is looking at Rs 1,000 crore turnover by 2016-17. Besides, its manufacturing unit in Roorkee, the company is also planning to set up another manufacturing facility with an investment of Rs 100 crore along with added product line comprising air purifiers and cold process juicers.

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