Newcastle University Experts Illuminate AI’s Future Prospects at Galgotias University Event


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In a captivating event hosted by Galgotias University on February 14th, 2024, the School of Basic Sciences joined forces with IIC Galgotias University to present an enlightening Expert Talk on “AI and Future Perspectives.” Renowned professors hailing from Newcastle University, a beacon of excellence in Artificial Intelligence (AI), graced the occasion to share their profound insights into the current landscape and future trajectories of AI.

Dr. Gary Ushaw, Director of Business and Engagement at Newcastle University, delved into the dynamic realm of Computer Game Engineering, elucidating its scope, requirements, and future prospects through compelling real-time examples. Meanwhile, Dr. Sarah Dunn, Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering and Director of Student Recruitment, provided invaluable insights into critical infrastructure, disaster management, and network reliability, exploring the myriad applications of AI across engineering and technology domains.

Moreover, the discussion extended to the illustrious Newcastle University and its promising prospects in higher education. The expert discourse not only offered a panoramic view of AI’s current landscape but also underscored the imperative of responsible AI development, ethical considerations, and collaborative efforts among academia, industry, and policymakers to shape a positive and inclusive AI-driven future.

The sessions concluded with an engaging interactive segment and Q&A session, where the esteemed speakers graciously addressed queries and provided illuminating responses, further enriching the audience’s understanding of the multifaceted realm of AI.

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