NGE E-Mobility Electrifies Streets with High-Speed Two-Wheeler Unveil on Navratri

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New Delhi, October 21, 2023: In a dazzling showcase on the auspicious occasion of Navratri, NGE E-Mobility Ventures introduced their Electric Two-Wheeler Vehicle with flair and panache. The highly anticipated launch event took place at the prestigious Grand Hotel in Delhi, graced by the presence of esteemed guests, celebrities, and models.

Dr. Piyush Dwivedi, Chairman of NGE E-Mobility Ventures, and Managing Director Sangeeta Dwivedi, captivated the audience as they unveiled their electric vehicle by strutting down the runway in a unique and unforgettable fashion show.

Dr. Dwivedi shared his thoughts in an exclusive interview with Ten News Network, emphasizing the significance of commencing endeavors on auspicious occasions like Navratri, known for bringing blessings and good fortune. He elaborated on the inspiration behind launching their two-wheeler, stating, “In today’s world, the demand for efficient bikes and scooters is higher than ever. That’s why NGE E-Mobility Ventures has introduced our electric vehicles, which distinguish themselves from existing e-vehicles by offering exceptional speed at exceptionally affordable prices. Our high-speed e-vehicles are unrivaled in terms of both performance and cost.”

The Chairman further highlighted that among the 20 electric vehicles in NGE’s lineup, their e-vehicle boasts a remarkable top speed of 150 kilometers per hour, exceeding the competition. Customers will also have a wide range of colors to choose from, including red, black, blue, and white.

Dr. Dwivedi also unveiled the impressive range capabilities of their electric two-wheeler, with the ability to cover 140 to 150 kilometers on a single charge, a testament to their commitment to providing long-lasting and practical solutions for urban mobility.

Looking towards the future, Dr. Dwivedi expressed NGE E-Mobility Ventures’ vision to establish an extensive network of EV charging stations across India. This ambitious plan aims to make charging facilities accessible to people throughout the country, ensuring seamless and convenient electric vehicle usage.

The grand launch event witnessed the presence of numerous celebrities and models, adding to the glitz and glamour of this momentous occasion. NGE E-Mobility Ventures’ Electric Two-Wheeler has set the stage for a new era in eco-friendly and high-performance urban transportation.

NGE e-mobility launches variants of electric two-wheelers | A Dr Piyush Dwivedi Venture | Photo Highlights

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