Noida Authority to observe November as beautification month, measures planned to make city beautiful

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Noida Authority Chairman and CEO Alok Tandon has declared the month of November as a beautification month for all wings of NOIDA engaged in maintaining civic amenities.

Parts of the initiatives to be under taken during this period include making all streets and roads pothole free and doing resurfacing wherever needed.

All Footpaths/central verges will also be repaired and painted as per the need.

It has also been decide that Unpaved right of way shall be made dust free by Horticultural Department.

The beautifcation drive will also involve painting all water/sewer campuses including STP campus as per news and making sure that all overhead Jal/Sewer pipe line shall not be rusted or are painter as necessary.

During the period electrical department will also be directed to ensure all street light poles are free from add posters/banners and are well painted.

In the month of November all MSW khattas shall be beautified and roads dedicated for mechanical sweeping shall be mechanically sweeped and drains must be cleaned by PH department

To mark the beautification month, horticultural department shall ensure beautification of all central verge and green belts & also vertical gardens shall be provided on metro track/elevated road Piers.

Different work circles will also be taking care of Rehri patri encroachment as necesidad.

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