Noida’s Kashmiri Pandit community welcomes removal of Article 370, celebrate decision

Rohit Sharma / Rahul Kumar Jha

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In order to take reaction of people, Ten news on Tuesday met with one of the renowned figure of Kashmiri people and their representative in Noida.

In an exclusive interview with Noida Kashmiri Samiti functionary Ashok, Ten News learned about the views of people from Kashmiri, especially the pandit community which were waiting for this day for more than 2 decade.

“This is very significant development in the history of Indian democracy. All kashmiri pandits are waiting impatiently to return to kashmir. Their main concern was safety and security which has been addressed. It is a matter of time when their dreams become true. Those who have lost their business and ancestral home are waiting for the same”he told Ten News.

He also said that People of Kashmir are very much sure about the devlopment after the scrapping of Article 370.

“Now youth can get jobs and businessman can do business without any kind of fear. This day will be remembered as a August kranti day”, he said.

He has also shared the stories of discrimination faced by kashmiri pandits in the valley many years back.

“Whether it comes to employment or business they were asked to leave. Their family members were threatened. Temples and religious places of Hindus were destroyed. It was like mass exodus for kashmir pandits”, he said.

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