“Not enough CCTV’s and buses flouting norms”, Parents Voice Safety Concerns at Ryan International Greater Noida Meet!

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Story by : Ashish Kedia

Photo/Video :Jitendra Pal

Few days after the gruesome death of 7 years old Pradhyuman at Ryan International School, Gurugram an interactive session was organized between parents and principal at Ryan International, Greater Noida.

Fresh with the horrific memories of Gurugram incident, parents strongly expressed their concerns regarding safety of their wards at this meet.

A parent raising her concern at Ryan International Greater Noida

The meeting scheduled begin at Wednesday afternoon and witnessed presence of large number of parents. The issues ranging from CCTV cameras, police-verification of staff and pathetic condition of many school buses dominated the open-discussion that lasted for multiple-hours.

Curating the discussion from the assembly stage, Principal Sudha Singh replied parent’s queries and directed her staff to take notes wherever necessary.

More CCTV’s to be added with fortnightly checking and backup storage:

The initial queries of the parents were regarding CCTV camera’s, none of which can be seen in the large covered area where the meeting was being conducted.

Heeding to demands by several parents Principal Sudha Singh said, “The institute will identify the blind spots and we will add 6 to 8 more CCTV’s at places where it is required the most. Also attempts will be made to store backup of these footage for longer period. We will also ensure that fortnightly checking of CCTV’s is done to keep tab on their working conditions”.


“Our complete staffs including drivers, conductors and house keeping people are all vetted and we obtain character certificates before accepting them as part of our team. Also we do not allow drivers and conductors to enter in to the building premises although they have a designated space in the campus where they take rest during the school time”, she added.

Many School Buses Flouting Norms, To Be Rectified Soon!

A furious parent came with a list of CBSE guidelines and alleged that many of these were not being followed by Ryan International School, Greater Noida.

Audience member showing the list of CBSE Guidelines that he alleged that Ryan International does not follow!

The aggrieved parent said, “Many of the school buses are painted white instead of yellow, many of these buses also do not have emergency doors and most of these buses do not have Emergency numbers written at their back. Condition of medical boxes and guidelines regarding availability of water in every school bus is also something that flouts CBSE guidelines”.

Upon this the principal assured that the buses which are left to be painted yellow will be done in 10-15 days and emergency numbers will be written at designated places as soon as possible.

Ryan International School, Greater Noida has around 3400 students, many of who also travel from as far as 25-30 kilometers. The Parents also demanded for a joint safety audit by parents and school authorities.

The principal replied that she will be preparing a feasible model for the purpose of audit which will have unbiased parent representation. The committee model that we have in mind will have one parent each from these groups: Nursery to 2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-10 and 11-12.


After detailed discussion on issues and possible solutions, the parents also demanded to set up a priority list and allot fixed time slot for resolving the issue.

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