ODS Aligners launches its innovative “Invisible Aligners” for correction of irregular teeth invisibly

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New Delhi, (3/7/2019): In today’s time where cosmetic industry is growing leaps and bound, it’s not only limited to nose or lip surgery or Botox. In fact, Dental innovations to improve your look is gaining momentum.

Here is where ODS Aligners come in, as the only Indian company which is start up recognized and registered. ODS Aligners brings to their customers, innovative dental correction method- Invisible Aligners.

For those who want a gentle, fast and less conspicuous way of straightening teeth and are looking for better and accurate methods of teeth correction, aligners are the best way to transform your smile through invisible, removable, effective, predictable, comfortable and painless way.

While interacting with Ten News, Orthodontists, Dr. Nalini CM and Dr. Neena Moitra said, “This product is the ultimate resolution for the people with irregular teeth, as this gives them the complete process to correct their teeth irregularities. The patient also dont have to come to us regularly, he or she can buy the set and just wear it”.

“It does not need a doctors visit every week or month. And they are so comfortable and invisible that a person can wear them anywhere they want. The user can also remove them for 2 to 3 hours but he has to wear them for almost 21 hours in a day. It can be useful for people aged between 18 to 60 years of age”.

ODS aligners use a molecularly modified copolymer plastic. Its composition transforms the inner walls of aligners into a softer and more pliable materials, making it easier and more comfortable for the patient.

The material is unique engineering combination of elasticity with rigidity a perfect balance. The price range is between Rs 50,000/- Rs 1,50,000/.

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