Optimizing stenting in heart arteries by new imaging modality successfully tested in Kailash hospital

Saurabh Kumar

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14/11/2017 Saurabh Kumar / Jitander Pal

Today a press conference is organised in Kailash Hospital regarding a new technology of optimizing stenting in heart arteries by new imaging modality called OTC (optical coherence tomography) demonstrated by Prof. Gambhir in collaboration with Dr. Giulio Guagliumi who is from Italy.
Prof Gambhir explained that OTC provides high quality 3D images of inside of the coronary arteries , which help to assess the anatomical characteristic of the artery anh there by enables in selecting adequate length of the stent to be deployed . this modality of imaging also provide assessments of the precise apposition of the stent against the vessel wall , any cracks created at the edge of the stent and nature of the clot, thus preventing emergencies during the procedure .
He also told that 3D images of the interior of the vessel help to over come the limitations of angiography, Since the images created by OTC are 20x higher in resolution than angiography and 10x higher than ultrasound based image.
Prof. Gambhir further told that we were 1st in the Uttar Pradesh to use this technique and the machine involved in this also cost 1.25cr

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