Otipy empowers women homemakers and professionals in the post-COVID era

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New Delhi, 11th September, 2020: Otipy, the social commerce venture of farm-to-retail agritech startup Crofarm, is allowing women to earn up to INR 1 lacs per month by collaborating with the platform. Multiple women professionals have lost their jobs due to the on-going pandemic, while homemakers are also facing various financial challenges. Against this backdrop, the company aims to bring huge relief to the victimized people and help them fulfill their financial aspirations even during a crisis like this.

Preeti Sethi, a homemaker, hailing from Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, recently shifted to Gurgaon and collaborated with Otipy. In her new job role of a women reseller, she earns an average commission of 40,0000 per month with Otipy, thus peacefully running her family without any financial constraints. Similarly, Deepa Singh, an artist and creative director of Art View Studio, was hit hard by the pandemic. She joined Otipy and is now earning pretty well. These stories underline Otipy’s commitment to empowering Indian women through collaborative opportunities and well-paid jobs on the platform.

Mr. Varun Khurana, Founder, Otipy said, “With our Otipy model, we aim to bring more and more women resellers on board, giving them a reason to earn well and live better lives. Collaborate with us and see the results yourself. We already have multiple women homemakers and professionals increasingly joining our platform in the post-COVID times. The pandemic has significantly affected the world, and we at Otipy are trying to convert this crisis into an opportunity.”

Over the past few years, social commerce has significantly grown in India. Brands are increasingly using this platform to curate, promote, and sell their products to consumers. Social media platforms like Instagram and even WhatsApp are no longer just sources of information or inspiration but have emerged as a marketplace to ignite and facilitate transactions.

The growth of social commerce in India is attributed to a combination of factors that have redefined the way products are bought and sold online. These include increasing smartphone penetration, low internet costs, innovations like payment gateways and e-wallets, the rise of short-form video-sharing platforms, and availability of vernacular networks, among others.

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