Parmeet Sethi most difficult scene of ‘Hack Crimes Online’ in dumpyard

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Mumbai, Nov 20 (IANS) The new cyber-crime-thriller series ‘Hack Crimes’ is a different take on the crime genre altogether, as it covers another part of crime that is seldom covered. The director of the series, Parmeet Sethi has spoken of a particular scene which was shot in a dumpyard which proved to be its most difficult part due to both toxic fumes, as well as high temperatures.

Detailing the experience, he said: “All of the scenes are easy and difficult, but the one we shot in the dumpyard was the most difficult.”

Cyber-crime is something that is very much real as stealing of information regarding finances through simple scams or massive heists, state secrets, case details, among others by simply by hacking into computer terminals can prove to be just as lethal as a kidnapping, or killing.

“The garbage had many burning mountains, and shooting with the toxic fumes everywhere was extremely challenging. It was 40 degrees outside, which made things even more difficult. That was one of the most difficult scenes we had to shoot,” he added.

Covering this aspect of crime in a realistic fashion, ‘Hack Crimes’ is based on a novel by India’s prominent cyber-crime investigator, Amit Dubey. Here he detailed many aspects of cyber-crimes and how it is both carried out, as well as investigated.

Talking about the difference in shooting a film against a series, Parmeet detailed: “The differences are not many, but there is a much more realistic undertone in series nowadays, while films can be a little larger than life with songs in them, although we have a song in this series too.”

He added: “But I think the series has a little more realism, and I have also tried to capture it in ‘Hack Crimes Online’. It’s not very Bollywoodish. Secondly, the kind of topics that you take up also matter in films; we think towards commercial aspects, here we are not limited to that.”

With cybercrime rising on an exponential basis, and its altogether dark reality in India, the series aims to drive awareness amongst audiences on the perils prevalent in the modern-day digital world and how to safeguard oneself.

‘Hack Crimes’ is centered around a cyber police force which specialises in cybernetic tracking, entering the digital space to track down criminals who use the net for extortion, blackmail, privacy breach, capturing social data, and more.

‘Hack Crimes Online’ streams on Amazon miniTV.



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