“People committing violence will not die of disease but due to stress and fear of foolishness” says Sociologist Ashish Nandy

Mumbai, 25 February 2023: “Violence has an enormous toll on killers.  I have met only one killer during my study of partition violence and 25 years of my career, who seems to me a normal functioning individual. The rest of them were different types of killers trying to find out who they are in the process of killing” sociologist and clinical psychologist Ashish Nandy said here today.

Nandy added“The hard-heartedness of the educated is partly because they have a larger wrench of self-justification, it acts as a safety work for them. They have acquired an ideology where they fight for recognition, for the sake of ideology, you are killing for the future of the society.”


Speaking on colonialism, Nandy said, “The victims do have their way of internalising what they are victims of and it is our job to give this message to the victims that they are not only victims, they are in some sense, a partial copy of the killers/oppressors. Until they become conscious of this fact, there is no escape from this chain of killing.


At the second edition of ‘Ideas of India’ Summit, Nitin Vijay, CEO & Founder, Motion Education Pvt. Ltd. said, “There should be a government regulatory body for Ed-tech, coaching institutes and other educational institutions. We need to understand that education processes are changing every 5 years. We have to make students capable of learning and adapting to new changes.”

The ABP Network’s “Ideas of India” Summit 2023 was discussing the topic of “Friction, Action, Reaction, How to Conquer Failure” & “Living With ViolenceThe Demons Within Us.” The summit has brought together policymakers, cultural ambassadors, industry experts, celebrities, and business leaders to discuss the critical role of India during the global churn and changing dynamics. ABP Network is a leading multi-language channel ring 535 million individuals in India therefore this summit provides one of the biggest platforms for the brightest minds across various sectors to express their views.

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