People of Delhi will not tolerate corrupt and inefficient MCDs & incompetent DDA any longer

People of Delhi will not tolerate corrupt and inefficient MCDs & incompetent DDA any longer

People of Delhi will no longer tolerate the inefficiency and incompetence of BJP ruled MCDs and central government controlled DDA for their monumental failure in keeping Delhi clean and pollution free.

It is a matter of grave concern that these civic bodies are not ready to mend their ways and are playing with the lives of residents of Delhi despite having been pulled up on countless times by the hon’ble Delhi High Court.

Aam Aadmi Party Delhi convenor, Dilip Pandey on Saturday said the three MCDs and the DDA do not even take the High Court seriously and the court was absolutely correct on Friday in censuring them by stating that if they cannot manage the garbage landfill sites of Delhi then what is the use of having MCDs and DDA at all ?

Dilip Pandey stated that this is not for the first time that the High Court has slammed the MCDs, and recently on 16th November the court had warned the MCDs about their failure in performing their basic duties.

“The Delhi High Court had stated if a revolution or anarchy was to break out, officials of MCDs would be beaten up by the public. The court had also wondered if it should direct Delhiites to throw garbage into offices of the municipal corporations and the houses of its officials,” Pandey said.

The court also stated “Should we put the fear of death in you? Garbage is lying along roads, construction sites, markets and nothing is being done as the agencies are not scared of even the high court”, Pandey said.

The High court stated :“We will direct the public to throw garbage in MCD offices and the houses of all MCD officials. This will happen if there is anarchy. That time will also come. If there is a revolution, anarchy, all of you and us will be beaten up by the public”, the AAP leader said.

In October, the High Court had asked various agencies, including the Delhi Police, to treat the act of littering as a “public nuisance” under Section 268 of the IPC.

It is now clear that the MCDs, which have already earned the names like Malaria Chikungunya Dengue and Most Corrupt Departments represent the BJP model of governance in the national capital.

The Aam Aadmi Party has following questions for the BJP ruled MCDs :

· Why do the MCDs want to keep Delhi dirty and polluted ? Is it their basic governance model ?

· Are the MCDs not ashamed of already being known as the Most Corrupt Departments in the world ?

· What is the BJP roadmap for improving the performance of MCDs in their basic and compulsory duties ?

· Why should Delhi get a bad name due to corrupt and inefficient MCDs, which are in a state of financial and functional collapse ?

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