World Environment Day: Plantation March – Handicapped on wheelchairs and students holding sapling in their hand march from India Gate and adopt the saplings

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On World Environment Day National Capital Witnessed First of its Own
“Plantation March” by Handicapped on wheelchairs and Students holding saplings in the hand under Clean Air India Movement

5th June 2016, New Delhi: On World Environment Day more than 200 Handicapped people on wheelchair and students participated in the”Plantation March”, that wherein they marched from India Gate with saplings and playcards in their hands, highlighting the importance of planting more trees. To ensure that saplings are not merely planted, but looked after and nurtured, apart from planting trees, the initiative goes onto the
concept of ‘Adopt the Saplings’.

The students marched from India Gate till Guru Harkrishan Public School and planted the tress their. And as stated above, the interesting part is that the students and handicapped not only planted the tress but
adopted them as well.
The message was from handicapped to people was-“ If we can, why cant you” meaning if they can plant tress then why can’t general public can plant trees.

Shri. Imran Hussain,Delhi Environment Minister who also planted the tress at the event and said that simple acts like planting more trees and looking after them will help us to a great extent protect our Environment. He also praised the initiative by Clean Air India Movement(CLAIM) and ensured to give all the support needed to protect the environment.

Plantation March, aimed at raising awareness around the significance of curbing toxic levels of pollution in the city and to help people identify the importance of planting more trees, is an extension of the
Clean Air India Movement (CLAIM), one of the biggest initiatives on raising awareness around the health hazards of air pollution.

“Saving environment is a collective responsibility of citizens , wherein citizens could play their part by planting more trees and looking after them and by adopting simple environment friendly measures like turning off the engines at the red light and using more public tranport. By engaging handicapped and children we aim at highlighting the fact that everybody can, and should participate in the activities that help bring down the pollution levels in the city.”said Mr. Vijay Kannan, Founder, CLAIM (Clean Air India Movement).

“As citizens of the country we can not ignore our duty to save the environment. I am priviledged to be a part of this unique initiative and appeal to the people to plant more trees which is key to save environment,” said Peepli Baba, addressing the media.

As the extension of the ‘Plantation March’, the CLAIM aims at planting one lakh trees across National Capital in one year.

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