PM Modi digitally interacted with nation through, “Mai Bhi Chowkidar Programme”


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New Delhi: (31/03/2019) While addressing "Mai Bhi Chowkidar Programme" in New Delhi, Prime Minister digitally interacted with the nation.

The event was broadcasted live to 500 screens across the country.

At Ganesh Chowk –a locality in East Delhi– PM digitally interacted with the people, where Home Minister Rajnath Singh and BJP MP Mahesh Giri was presented.

Before PM address, addressing the public, the Home Minister asked the crowd," why PM Modi should not get credit for the decision to carry out air strikes in Pakistan’s Balakot in which Jaish-e-Mohammed terror camp was destroyed.

"During 2014 elections, I was new to India. I had some familiarity as a Chief Minister. My detractors had publicised me. People were asking who is he, in between this, the BJP gave me mandate and I got to travel across the nation. I said, have faith that the responsiblity you are giving me, you’re making a chowkidar sit. People gave absolute majority to someone like me 30 years later. The political parties of our country do not even know that the absolute majority of the government is very important in itself."

While addressing the nation on Ballot strikes PM Modi said," India salutes our brave security forces for successful operations in Balakot. I have complete trust in our forces and that is why, I gave our forces a free hand to act."

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