PM Modi Inaugurates AIIMS in Himachal, Urges Public to Grant BJP Another Term

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New Delhi, 6 October 2022: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday inaugurated All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Bilaspur and appealed to people to grant them a second term in the coming election claiming that past governments just lay foundation stones and forgot about the actual projects once the elections were finished.

He inaugurated the AIIMS hospital and a hydro-engineering college, the foundation stones for which he placed in 2017.

AIIMS-Bilaspur, a modern and high-tech hospital has 18 specialist departments, 15-20 super specialty units, and 18 modular operating rooms. 64 ICU beds will be included among the hospital’s 750 beds. The total cost of construction for the hospital was Rs 1,470 crore.

The 247-acre hospital is furnished with advanced diagnostic tools including ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, etc., Amrit Pharmacy, Jan Aushadhi Kendra, and a 30-bed AYUSH block. It also has emergency and dialysis services available around the clock. In order to provide medical care in the remote tribal regions of Himachal Pradesh, the hospital has also established a Center for Digital Health.

The establishment of AIIMS-Bilaspur aims to provide facilities for high-quality medical education in the nation while addressing regional inequalities in the availability of affordable/reliable tertiary healthcare services.

PM Modi talked about the New AIIMS in Bilaspur stating, the AIIMS-Bilaspur is a symbol of change and will be known as the “green AIIMS. It is a tradition in our party to inaugurate a project after we have laid the cornerstone for it. When it comes to us, there is no room for delay or difficulty,” Modi declared, criticizing the opposition for its photo ops and the lack of progress in the state.

He also outlined that the people of the state facilitated progress by electing the BJP to power both at the federal and state levels. Himachal Pradesh already plays an important part in “Rashtra Raksha” (national security), and now that the new AIIMS in Bilaspur has opened, it would also play a significant part in “Jeevan Raksha”, PM Modi added.

Modi further praised the state for becoming the first state to create a drone policy. He continued that drones would be utilized to convey items like medicines.

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