Pragyan School, Greater Noida introduced the concept of Organic Farming

Saurabh Kumar

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Pragyan School, Greater Noida has initiated the programme of Organic Farming for the students of the Gardening Club of the school, wherein the students will be trained to grow vegetables, fruits and spices organically i.e. without the use of any artificial supplement. Mr. Fazal Rashid, an operational manager from Edible Routes gave the training to the students of classes VI to VIII. Land of 823.50 mtr. area has been given to the gardening club for Organic farming. Students learnt various agricultural practices like preparation of seed bed, walking path, growing area, sowing and drip irrigation.


While preparing veggie patch, students did hard work, enjoyed spoiling their clothes and learnt respect for labor. The organic food grown is going to be utilized in the school kitchen will be consumed by the students and staff members of the school.

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